By creating a safe nonjudgmental space where my Clients are free to explore their thoughts and feelings, I employ my training and experience as a “talk” therapist to establish connections between thoughts, emotions, behaviors and body.


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Awareness within oneself allows for exploration, problem solving and healing.  Sometimes life situations create a block to our inner awareness, which results in a misalignment of the connections between mind, thought, emotion, behavior and body.  When this happens we often tend to become emotionally reactive, operating outside the window of tolerance, developing a sense of unease and lack of balance, manifesting in depression, anxiety and emotional disconnect.

Together we work towards restoring balance, creating ease and developing the sense of inner awareness.  We cultivate curiosity and restore a sense of self, being mindful of the present moment while exploring the past.  We begin to understand and identify emotions and body sensations, discovering the roots and uncovering the origins.

While most psychotherapy techniques focus on self-awareness and insight, sometimes it is necessary to use behavioral interventions as well.  Integrative therapy offers strategies that promote change.


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